Artist Statement

A multi-discipline and interdisciplinary artist based in Lower Hudson Valley, Samantha primarily works in photography and foundry work, working with the idea of provoking emotion and perspective through photography and sculpture. Having graduated from Alfred University in 2019 with a Bachelors in Fine Art and Minors in Music and Art History, she is currently working in an Art Gallery in Greenwich, CT.

With influences such as Manuel Alvarez Bravo and Elliot Erwin, these photographs are taken with such spontaneity and casualness. Nothing is planned and nothing is posed, heavily emphasizing the value of living in the moment, where photo's like these can only happen once in a casual atmosphere. Currently focus' in city environment, nature, and the portrayal of loneliness. 

Primarily focused on body castings, she works within the medium of Iron primarily, but not limited to. Samantha worked primarily in body casting during her undergrad at Alfred University. After coming back home and not having the proper facilities and peers to help her with such projects, she's shift perspective on working with what has amounted during her four years of undergrad. Using recycled material, her current project is casting material as such and challenging the audience presumption of what "fine art" for sculpture is, and making a place for sculpture in a "white room" environment without it being a sculpted body.